New York

This past week our family went to New York City for the first time. The Wallaces family came in from AZ to tour the east, and we tagged along with them to see New York City. Visiting New York City was a new experience for me. 

Seth, Lincoln, Serenity, Bethany, and Audrey

Seth and I

The first day we went to Little Italy and Chinatown, we went to a Chinese market where they were selling frogs, eels, and other different  foods.

Cooked duck
Bethany Serenity, Zoe, and Ruth

       We also went to Grand  Central station to see the amazing architecture. 

Grand Central Station

 Ruth and I 

Sam, Pa, Justice, Lincoln 

                  We got to go to the 9/11 memorial and museum, and then went to a                        shopping center. We then walked the Brooklyn bridge.

9/11 Museum

9/11 Memorial

Brooklyn Bridge
Zoe, Mom, Bethany and I 

I got to see the statue of Liberty for the first time and visit Ellis Island, were the immigrants did there paper work to come in the USA.

Statue of Liberty!

Ruth and I 

While we were there we stayed with the Rivera family. The family was so sweet and so very hospitable, they were the best tour  guides in all of New York city.  

Rebecca,Shalom, Ruth, Sis.Rivera, and Raquel


Elisabeth said...

Loved that trip. So much fun and our hosts were the best!

Anna said...

Looks like a blast! Loved the pics of Grand Central Station. Downright awesome!!!

Panharith said...

Loved that trip.

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