Alaska Part 2

The next few days we did a few short hikes around Anchorage.  We went to Thunderbird Falls, the walk to the base of the falls was too muddy, so we just went to the lookout. We also hiked Gold Cord Lake, which was just beautiful. 

The next day the rain stopped long enough for us to go kayaking. I had not gone kayaking in a long time so being able to go was awesome.

Definitely one of the highlights of the trip was going rock climbing. 
John and Tracy Borland, professional rock climbers and photographers guided us to a climb up a 75 foot high cliff. I have never been rock climbing before and it was a thrill and one of the greatest things I was able to do on my trip. 

Here is John's website so you can see our photos:  


Zoe and Ruth 

I am so glad I had the opportunity to go to Alaska.
It is the most beautiful place in the USA that I have ever been too.   

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Aunt Carol said...

OH MY WORD!!!!....You girls sure are BRAVE for climbing that mountain!! What an experience and memories you have. I'm sure you will remember it for years to come. Beautiful scenery!