This past week was our Lebanon Area Fair. Our cousins Hadassah and Audrey came in from Arizona to see the fair. While they were here we took them to Hershey Chocolate World, Hersheypark, September Cheese Farm and the Fair.  
Rosie, Joanna, Hadassah, Zoe and I participated in the Fair 5k. 

The goat show was on Tuesday it started at 8: 00 am and ended 5:00pm, it was a VERY long day. Bethany had two Nubian baby goats, she showed one and I showed the other. She placed first, second which then were also the Grand Champion, and Reserve Champion for the Nubian class. Lincoln placed fourth with his goat for confirmation and second in showmanship. I placed fifth for goat confirmation and fourth in showmanship. I had a great time with my cousins in town and I hope they come back soon.  

Bethany and Audrey

Bethany, Audrey and Hadassa 

I  scream for ice cream! 

 Sweetest place on earth!

Selfie time



Hadassa and Zoe 

Faith give Bethany a stuffed nubian goat

Rosie, Hadassa and Zoe

Joanna and Aunt Jeanine

Audrey and I 

Audrey, Anna and Faith

Hadassa watching some kids



Me, Hadassa,Grandma, Bethany, Anna and Zoe 
Audrey and Bethany 

Me, Hadassa and Zoe 


Cheye said...

Nice pics! I like your church outfit with the yellow. Hopefully see you sometime soon-ish!
~Cheye ��

Aunt Carol said...

Thanks for sharing all the pics. That sure was a LOND day @ the Fair!! Sorry I didn'[t get to see you & Lincoln show your goats, but I did get to see Bethany. She sure was all smiles!!! :-) Aunt Carol