Arizona Trip part 2

On Tuesday we went to the falls. There are 4 main falls the first is New Navajo falls, the second is Havaus falls, the third is Mooney falls and the last is Beaver falls then you would come to the Colorado river (ps. we could not get there due to a fence). Mooney is the tallest of all the falls, to reach the bottom of Mooney, you have to traverse and descend down chains, ladders and a cliff staircase 200 feet down the side of a canyon wall/cliff. It was definitely one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I could have spent days taking pictures of the falls and it could not do justice to its beauty. It was again a great day hiking and sightseeing and went by too fast. 

Pa and Mama 

Serenity, Hannah and Larissa

Emily, Larissa, Serenity and me 

Serenity and Me 

Ruth Emily, Larissa and Serenity 

Grace and Ruth 

Grace and Natalie


We left the next day at 6am trying to beat the sun and hike out of the canyon. All in all it was an amazing hike!  We went back to the Wallace’s house to rest after eating at the Roadkill cafĂ©. 

Pa and Lincoln 

The married couples
The young people 

The next day we went on another excursion  near the little town of Cleator, which had a little general store. There we explored an old gold mine in the side of a mountain and had fun riding in the Blazer with Uncle Russel and all the other young people. We left Saturday morning and got home to several inches of snow in cold PA. But that could not take away from the great time we had in sunny AZ! 

Coming home to a welcome home sign is always the best!



Anonymous said...

I wish I could have been there! It's so beautiful!!


Sarah Collins said...

Enjoyed all the pictures! :)

Aunt Carol said...

Great pictures!!! I loved the falls. Sounds like you had a great time!

Elisabeth@Treasuring the Moments said...

It was FANTASTIC to have you all here!

I love the Welcome Home banner. Zoe's handiwork? That was sure nice of her.