Arizona Trip Part 1

You all are probably wondering why we went to AZ, well because Aunt Elizabeth planned a trip to Havasupai Falls at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.     

On March 29th Mom, Lincoln, Bethany (Zoe could not come because of work) and I packed our bags and left for Arizona. We first visited Uncle Arnie, Aunt Rachel, Chloe, Grace, Hadassah, Enoch, and Lillianna for 3 days and had a great time. 

On April 1st Uncle Russell, Aunt Elizabeth and their family and guest picked up Papa. Then we met up with them at Olive Garden to have lunch. We then traveled to Uncle Russell and Aunt Elizabeth’s house for a few days. We did take a little hike on Saturday with the many young people that were staying at their house and had a blast. On Sunday we went to church and Monday we left to go to the Grand Canyon. On Monday morning we began the 9 mile hike down to the HavasupaIndian Reservation (the only way to get there is to hike or ride a horse or helicopter) we arrived mid-afternoon and got our rooms at the lodge. We then just rested the rest of the day.                             There will be a 2 part coming soon! 

Seth and Andraw 

Seth, Pa, and Wesley

Bethany, Seth and Audrey

Serenity and I 

Justice and Lincoln

Going on a walk

At Church on Sunday 

Bethany, Ruth, Serenity,I and Sarah

Ruth and Bethany 

Heading to the Grand Canyon

Our group of 45 people 

Sarah and Larissa

Hannah and Serenity

Aunt Elizabeth and Mom 
Sarah ,Larissa and Ruth

Chilling after the long hike


Serenity said...

Abbey! Loved all the pictures. It was so fun having you on the hike! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you got to go. It was probably a piece of cake for someone in such good shape as you! :) Chris Williams

Aunt Carol said...

What an awesome opportunity to take this trip!! Looking forward to more great pics from your trip! Aunt Carol