Baby Goats

 You know that spring is on its way when baby animals are being born. One of our meat goats, Cookie had two kids both were girls and their so cute. Then a few days later our other meat goat, Zephyr had one kid, another girl. Zephyr is ZoĆ«’s goat so the baby is hers, and she named it Pippi. Cookie is Bethany’s goat and she has no ideas for names for her two little girls. Maybe you all can help us figure out names for Bethany’s goats. Please place your suggestions in the comments below. 


Time fly's

 I have not posted in a little while. But we have not been doing anything particularly interesting, just school and work. I had a birthday at the end of January and my dear friend Joanna went all the way to Hershey to buy me a mocha frappe.  We had a snowstorm with the most snow that I have ever seen in PA, in my lifetime. A bunch of us went snow tubing and had a blast. And this past weekend Zoe, Joanna, Aunt Melissa, and I played for the residents at a nursing home. 

Snow tubing 

Lincoln and Jason 

Lincoln,Zoe and Jason 

Getting ready to play 

Joanna and Zoe