Arizona part 1

Zoe, Lincoln and Jason and Joanna (our cousins) and I left for Arizona on January 13th.  With all of us flying together it was a blast.  I always have a great time when I visit Arizona, it always seem to get better and better every time I go.  I love spending time with my Uncles, Aunts, and cousins, they always make you feel so very special and welcome.  One day we went to the Arizona Desert Museum, we saw many animals native to the desert, bats, beavers, otters, hummingbirds, prairie dogs, black bear, parrot, mountain lion, and many more. 

Jason, Zoe and Lincoln 


Me, Joanna, Liliana, and Zoe

We went to Harmony in the Desert which is a 3 day event with gospel singing, hosted by Brother Bobby Wertz with the support of his wife Jenny. 

I cannot take credit for the Harmony in the Desert photos.

Bro Bobby and Sis Jenny

Sis Green 

The Mesa Sisters 

Harmony in the Desert youth choir

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Aunt Carol said...

Thanks for sharing your travels. Looks like you had a fun time!! Aunt Carol