Arizona part 2

After Harmony in the Desert was over, we headed to the Wallace's. We were only there about 3 hours and then got back in the car for the 5 hour drive to the ski lodge. We arrived at the lodge in good time, unpacked and got ready for the next day of skiing!! There were a lot of people this year, more than there has ever been before, about 95. This year I decided to snowboard for the first time, thank goodness that my cousin Serenity came with me. Let just say by the end of the day we were VERY VERY sore and tired, so we decided to ski the next day. However on getting to the slopes the next morning, I found out my cousin Joshua was going to try snowboarding for the first time. So being the kind person I am, I decided to snowboard again with him. Well let’s just say he caught on really quick was going like a pro and I was left in the dust. So even though I continued to be sore and tired for another day, I am glad that I snowboarded my last day as well.We left the next day for home, I had a great time with my friends and family.

Hope you all are staying warm!        
Micah and Hunter
Joanna Angela,Sharon, Grace and Natalie

Hannah, Serenity and Lilianna 


Lillianna, Hannah, Serenity, Isaac and Grace
Our group on day one

Playing games at the end of the day
Peter and Lydia

Hannah and Serenity

Grace and Hadassah
 Jeanette and Grace
Kaitlin and Justin

Our group on day two
Wesley, Justice ,Jason, Lincoln, Zoe, Joanna, Me, Audrey,Serenity and Cara

Thank you Uncle Russell for planing and taking us with you and Thank you Aunt Elisabeth for preparing all the food,it was delicious. 

Arizona part 1

Zoe, Lincoln and Jason and Joanna (our cousins) and I left for Arizona on January 13th.  With all of us flying together it was a blast.  I always have a great time when I visit Arizona, it always seem to get better and better every time I go.  I love spending time with my Uncles, Aunts, and cousins, they always make you feel so very special and welcome.  One day we went to the Arizona Desert Museum, we saw many animals native to the desert, bats, beavers, otters, hummingbirds, prairie dogs, black bear, parrot, mountain lion, and many more. 

Jason, Zoe and Lincoln 


Me, Joanna, Liliana, and Zoe

We went to Harmony in the Desert which is a 3 day event with gospel singing, hosted by Brother Bobby Wertz with the support of his wife Jenny. 

I cannot take credit for the Harmony in the Desert photos.

Bro Bobby and Sis Jenny

Sis Green 

The Mesa Sisters 

Harmony in the Desert youth choir

Christmas Time

Christmas is such a busy time of the year!!

My family and I went to our cousin Patricks’ Christmas concert. He sang in the choir and played his trumpet in the band and did a fantastic job. 

One of the best things about Christmas was that my Grandparents came for visit from Illinois. While they were here, my Grandpa painted my parents’ bedroom for them. He is not only a great painter but also a great teacher on how to paint as well.

We had our annual Sanger extended family Christmas dinner at Uncle David and Aunt Jeanette’s which is always a grand time.

On Christmas day we had a dinner at our house with many friends and family. We ate a lot and played a lot of games.

The next day we had our Sanger family Christmas dinner at Uncle Philip and Aunt Jody’s and it was so much fun to get together with all the cousins.

On New Year’s eve we had the young people over for food and games and to pray in 2016. I stayed up till 4:30 am……it was a great time with everyone as you can imagine.

We Trust you had a Blessed Christmas and a great year!!