Crazy Life

Life has been like a roller coaster......I have been working on a lot of projects since my last post, so just to name a few things that I have done: 

1. Working at the greenhouse, I continue to work one or two days a week at the greenhouse where I am always learning something new about plants.

2. I presented a report on the country and women of Ethiopia to the church folks at our annual homeschool public speaking night.

3. Attended a YF Jubilee tour and had 12 girls stay with us. Then a bunch of young people come over after the weekend for food and games (it was blast).  

4. We hosted Thanksgiving for the Sanger family.

5. Having the girls from church come over and make gingerbread houses.

As you can see I have been kind of busy......I am go to try to post a bit more then I have been.