Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, with the leaves changing their colors, going to football games, and hunting season just to name a few.

Our family has been enjoying the last few days of nice warm weather by going on some picnics. Zoe prepared a picnic first and she made us tuna sandwiches, salad in a jar and an amazing strawberry short cake. Then a few days later, I prepared a picnic of chicken wraps, chips, vegetable, fruit cups, and peanut butter cooks.   


This year Zoe, Lincoln and I went to two football games with our friends. We got to watch two boys from our church on opposing teams play each other, it was cold and rainy, but worth it.  

Bethany got her mentor hunting license, which was a real thrill for her. Hopefully she will get a deer this year.



Justin and Kaitlyn said...

Can I come on a picnic?? ;) The food looks delicious, Leland is ADORABLE, the football games look fun, and oh my goodness, Bethany is going hunting?? So cool! Great post, Abigail!


Melissa Brandt said...

Great post! Go get 'em Bethany!
Aunt Melissa and Faith

Aunt Carol said...

I love the pic of you all sitting on the ground, having your picnic. Bethany looks so proud--:-) Hope she gets a deer! Aunt Carol