Mystery Vacation

My Pa wanted to take the family on a mystery vacation. So we packed our bags knowing nothing about where we were going. Pa, Lincoln, Bethany and I left earlier than Mom and Zoe, because Zoe had to work a little later that day. We got out of the car and found out Pa had rented a houseboat. A HOUSEBOAT!!  We unloaded everything from the car, and loaded it on the houseboat, then we took off to find a place to dock for the night before Mommy and Zoe came. We had a lot of fun, we went swimming  a lot, fishing, drank  lots of hot chocolate, coffee, and tea. Grandpa and Grandma came up Sunday night and spent the night.  Monday morning it was time to go home and that was very disappointing. We all had a lot of fun....Thanks Pa and Mom for a great time.

The captain of the houseboat.

The amazing chef of the house and first mate


I was privileged to be a chaperone at Creekside last year, and this year I was asked again to chaperone. The theme for this year’s camp was “Anchored in Jesus”. The camp began Sunday afternoon, Uncle Steve spoke to the kids that night from the scripture in Hebrews 6:19 about being anchored in Jesus,. The next morning we had breakfast, and did some crafts emphasizing the importance of being anchored in the Lord and then went swimming. It is always fun to see all the kids smiling and having a great time of fun with each other. 

All the kids

The kids making boats

Having a boat race

Playing games