The Wallace’s came in from AZ on Wednesday and we left for Wisconsin the next day. We rented a 15 passenger van and piled in for the 15 hour drive. On our way we stopped by Lake Michigan and had breakfast and then were back on the road again.  We arrived at the hotel in Wisconsin around 10: 30, checked in and the kids went swimming. We ate dinner and then we headed over to  a farm where all the girls were spending the night. The next day was the Anna and Ethan’s wedding, which was absolutely gorgeous. The reception was one of the most amazing reception’s I have ever attended. We headed home Sunday and then on Tuesday Uncle Russell, Aunt Elizabeth, Serenity and Zoë left for their trip to Europe. 

Bethany,Kara and Becca

The coffee baristas

The coffee bar 

Aunt Elizabeth, Mom and Sis Rebekah

This neat saying was on the coffee mugs 
They had the coolest favors

Fair Week

One of the highlights of the summer is always the county fair. This year was Zoë’s last year for showing, and Bethany will be starting next year. The fair started Saturday and our goat show was Tuesday. Our friend Joanna spent the night Monday night and helped us prepare our goats for the show the next morning. Zoe’s goat was in the light weight division and she placed 3rd. Lincoln was in the heavy weight division with his goat that weighed 96 pounds and he placed second. I had two goats with weights of 88 and 96 pounds. One goat placed 4th and the other got Reserve Champion in the heavy weight division. In Showmanship Zoë got Reserve Champion, Lincoln got fourth in showmanship for his age group and I got second in showmanship for my age group. I always have fun at the fair and I can't wait till next year. I hope you all are having a great summer
Are dedicated 4-H leaders taking a little nap

 Bethany and Zoë
Zoë and Zephyr

Lincoln and Cummings

Joanna and Faith came to see our goat auction
Hanging out with our friends at the fair 

Zoë currently right now is in Europe and I can't wait to see her when she comes back.