New Animals

 I looked the other day and I saw that I had not posted in a little while, I have been busy with school and work. And realized that I have not posted about one of the most amazing things in my life to date. As you all know our dog died a few mouths ago. I wanted to get a another dog so bad, the kind of dog I wanted was a German Shepherd or a St. Bernard and my parents said “no way are you going to get one of those kinds of dogs”. So that’s the way it went, but one night after church I came home and I there was a German shepherd in a crate in our garage. asked whose dog is this? and they said it was ours and you can a imagine the rest. So you are probably wondering how we got her, well the neighbors knew that our dog had died and they had found this dog down the road from our house, I guess she got lost or someone had left her so the neighbors gave her to us. They had called the police and humane society but no one claimed her. We named her Sheba, she is a great jogging buddy, she is great with people and she loves to play. SO MIRACLEDO HAPPEN.

My favorite pic

Other notes around here: Always around this time of year we get our meat goats for the fair this year Zoe just got one and she named it Zephyr. 

Lincoln got one and named it Cummins Diesel.

I got two and I decided to use cookie names this yearSo I went with Cookie for the girl so original huh and Twix for the boy






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