Surprisingly, this past week has not been too busyso I have decided to post about Zoe and my job at the greenhouse. We do many different things, which makes it fun and never boring. We work in the succulent department, here are a few things about succulent plants. Succulents are very low-maintenance, come in all kinds of colors and they grow best indoors in pots.
                In the greenhouse it is so warm we can wear short sleeves, which is a lot warmer than the weather we have been having outsideCurrently I am working at planting and arranging succulents in pots for customers to purchase. Zoe is currently arranging succulent liners for wholesalers to purchase. Zoe is learn all the different names of the succulent plants.  

 I feel blessed to have a great job and I really enjoy the greenhouse and learning so many new things 

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Melissa Brandt said...

I would enjoy that too! Warmth and flowers...can't get better than that!