Wedding Shower

As I said in my last blog post, our cousin Kaitlyn is getting married. So this past weekend we had a shower for her. Aunt Jody(Kaitlyn’s Mom) rented a barn for the wedding shower.
Aunt Jody picked taco salad for the meal and Mom planned the menu. It turned out amazing as always and tasted so good. The shower was beautiful and we all had a great time, even if it snowed.  Although it is going to be hard to see Kaitlyn get married in 23 days and move away to Arizona,but  I hope she will come and see us after she is married.  

The Bride

Anna, Zoe, Joanna and Juliana

Sarah the Florida girl 

Zoe, Joanna, Kaitlyn, Sarah and Juliana  


Since coming home from AZ, life has been wild and crazy busy.  Zoe and I recently started a part time job at a green house. Which is awesome, we are learning a lot and are so grateful for the job. My cousin  Kaitlyn became engaged to Justin Strite from AZ, so we are planning and getting ready for a wedding shower. 

Then this past Saturday; Pa, Uncle Eddie, Uncle Steve, Patrick, Anna, Lincoln and I went to the world’s largest outdoor/gun show. We looked at the different vendors, exhibitors, animal mounts, and watched a demonstration on how to train a bird dog. It was nice to see the Olsen’s, who were there as hunting guides for whitetail hunts in Manitoba. We had a great day (thanks Uncle Steve for inviting us) and I can’t wait till next year. You all have an Blessed week.