AZ trip part 2

In Arizona the days went by so fast, one day it snowed and Serenity, Zoe and I made a great snowman. Poor Pa and Zoe had to go back home to work.

Seth showed me how to make elk jerky, it is amazingly  good stuff.

  Wesley took Serenity and I on a hike to a frozen water fall for photos.

We then left Northern AZ to stay at the Petersons house in Tucson, we went and visited  our cousin Jordan and Martha their two girls. 

 Harmony in the Dessert started the following week, Zoe came back to AZ for Harmony, she brought our two cousins Jason and Joanna from PA back with her, it was their first time to come to  AZ.  We took our cousins hiking in Sabino Canyon and to Brother Branham’s den. 

Harmony was awesome as always and I had a great time meeting new people.

 After Harmony we went back up to the Wallaces for a few days before the ski trip. When there we went to the Grand Canyon and to some friends house for supper

We left for the ski lodge and on our way we stopped at Tonto Bridge and then headed to the ski lodge. 

Skiing was awesome and amazing, after the second day of skiing we left to head back to PA.

I had a grand time in AZ as always and I can't wait till the next time we can go back. Thank you to the Wallaces and Petersons for their great hospitality. 

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It was great having you!!