AZ trip part 1

You probably have all been wondering what has happened to me! Because I have not posted in quite a few weeks :o
Well my family and I have been in Arizona!  We left December 22nd in the afternoon. We arrived at the Wallace's on Christmas Eve. That evening the Peterson's got there just in time for a great meal: of many different kinds of cheeses and two different soups.

That's Part 1!   Keep looking for the next post!

Grandpa, great grandbaby Shalom and Grandma

The next day was CHRISTMAS we had breakfast and then opened the presents.

the Grinch



                        The next day we went ice skating, and had a blast.

Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Russel 

Hadassah and I

Every morning at eight, we had a cup of water with lime and then went and did some exercises and wally-ball drills.

Water with a dash of lime


One day we went on a walk to the goat pens, to see the deer and goats. 

Bethany and Bucky

The best Mom and Pa 

Going to see the goats

I, Lilli and Zoe with some kids

Lydia and I

A beautiful  Sunrise

Later that week we went into this awesome mine and then from there to the top of a mountain!

Aunt Elizabeth and Mom 

Zoe, Lilli and Chloe

Lincoln and Justus

Bethany, Serenity and Lincoln 

Serenity ,Lilli, Zoe,Grace,Chloe and I

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Rosanna Sanger said...

glad you had an awesome time! love you