Crazy Life

Life has been like a roller coaster......I have been working on a lot of projects since my last post, so just to name a few things that I have done: 

1. Working at the greenhouse, I continue to work one or two days a week at the greenhouse where I am always learning something new about plants.

2. I presented a report on the country and women of Ethiopia to the church folks at our annual homeschool public speaking night.

3. Attended a YF Jubilee tour and had 12 girls stay with us. Then a bunch of young people come over after the weekend for food and games (it was blast).  

4. We hosted Thanksgiving for the Sanger family.

5. Having the girls from church come over and make gingerbread houses.

As you can see I have been kind of busy......I am go to try to post a bit more then I have been.


Aunt Jennifer taught our homeschool group two painting classes where we learned two different painting techniques. The first technique we learned was to make lines on the canvas with caulking, and then we painting a pumpkin giving it a 3-D effect on the canvas. The second technique we learned was to put masking tape on canvas, then paint with dark water colors, sprinkle salt on, remove tape and add details, the salt looks like it's snowing on the pic. I had a lot of fun painting. Aunt Jennifer is an excellent teacher as always does a great job, Thanks Aunt Jen.  


    Mom made some snacks that were related to painting.

  After the class Anna and I got inspired to paint so we did. I   think we should start our own  art studio. Just kidding!



Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, with the leaves changing their colors, going to football games, and hunting season just to name a few.

Our family has been enjoying the last few days of nice warm weather by going on some picnics. Zoe prepared a picnic first and she made us tuna sandwiches, salad in a jar and an amazing strawberry short cake. Then a few days later, I prepared a picnic of chicken wraps, chips, vegetable, fruit cups, and peanut butter cooks.   


This year Zoe, Lincoln and I went to two football games with our friends. We got to watch two boys from our church on opposing teams play each other, it was cold and rainy, but worth it.  

Bethany got her mentor hunting license, which was a real thrill for her. Hopefully she will get a deer this year.


Mystery Vacation

My Pa wanted to take the family on a mystery vacation. So we packed our bags knowing nothing about where we were going. Pa, Lincoln, Bethany and I left earlier than Mom and Zoe, because Zoe had to work a little later that day. We got out of the car and found out Pa had rented a houseboat. A HOUSEBOAT!!  We unloaded everything from the car, and loaded it on the houseboat, then we took off to find a place to dock for the night before Mommy and Zoe came. We had a lot of fun, we went swimming  a lot, fishing, drank  lots of hot chocolate, coffee, and tea. Grandpa and Grandma came up Sunday night and spent the night.  Monday morning it was time to go home and that was very disappointing. We all had a lot of fun....Thanks Pa and Mom for a great time.

The captain of the houseboat.

The amazing chef of the house and first mate