Girls Night-Out

For the past few weeks some of the girls in our church have been planning a night out. So on Friday night Rosie,Grace and Joanna met at our house and Kaitlyn and Lillie met us at the concert. The concert featured the Collingsworth Family, Gordon Mote and Triumphant Quartet. We had a great time listening to the different groups and stopped at McDonald's before heading back to our house for a sleep over, where we stayed up till 3am. The next morning Kaitlyn and Lillie left early because Kaitlyn had to work. The rest of us had breakfast and then headed out for a day of shopping. We went to the skirt store and then too see Kaitlin at her work. We had lunch at September Cheese Farms and then came home. We had a great day and a lot of fun.         

 Triumphant Quartet

Gordon mote 

Collingworth Family 

Grace, Rosie and Joanna 

Joanna, Zoe, Grace, me and  Rosie 

Bethany and I

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Joanna said...

I had an awesome time with you all! :)