Rambling Thoughts


The title says it all....we have been fairly busy. This past week my Mom had a birthday. My Mom is  amazing, she is beautiful, the best cook ever, she has a very corny sense of humor and I think the world of her. 



We also had a Keepers meeting at Aunt Jody’s house and we learned about colors. She taught us about the rainbow, we painted and also learned about water coloring.


 I am really getting into photography, so whenever I can get my brother and sister outside to take pics. I bribe them to smile and stay still, then some times I will get five photos out of a hundred.



My Uncle told us about “The Spirit of America” a free concert at the Giant center. So we went for a field trip I learned a lot about the history of our country, if there is one in your town you should go.



Melissa Brandt said...

That one picture really stands out to me Abigail....the last one of Lincoln and Bethany....see the color of their eyes? Wow.
Melissa ;o)

Joanna said...

Nice post and pics, Abigail! :)