About a week ago there was a wedding in our church and my mom was asked to cater the food. She put a lot of work into it…. and the food was amazing. The menu consisted of pork (a brother in the church roasted a pig) chicken,hashbrown casserole, green beans, bread and a scrumptious salad bar. Desserts were made by several ladies in the church. The desserts were heart shaped brownies, cream puffs, fudge puddles, lemon bars and different cheesecakes. The wedding was very pretty and everything turned out great.


The happy couple

Aunt Jody made an amazing swan

Green beans

Hashbrown Casserrole




Lemon bars

Great Job Pa and Ma


Melissa Brandt said...

Hi Abigail!
You've taken some great pictures! I like how you get up close. And you have a good eye for pics. Like the one of Sis Judy and Bro Ed. and that last one of Ma and Pa you should print and put in a frame!
Awesome job! Isn't it fun to take pictures?
Melissa P.S. I'd like to get a micro lens sometime for 'up close' pics.

Sanger Family said...

Amazing pictures!!! You seriously have an amazing eye for photography...
You all did an amazing job on the food:)


Lucille said...

Great job, always! Everything you do is perfection. Loved your post, Abigail, and thanks for sharing. Well written!