Busy Times

This month so far has been very busy........last  week we went peach picking with Jeanine and Joanna and picked around 4 bushel of peaches. Then the very next night we went to a baseball game, with Uncle Steve (thanks Uncle Steve for the tickets), Aunt Jennifer and Patrick. There was also a fireworks show at the end of the game. We started school this week and I am already  for a break. We had our first Keepers meeting and went on a field trip to the Indian echo caverns right here in pa.  One of the cool facts about the caverns is that it is always 52 degrees inside. It was a great tour with lots of information and I learned a lot. We had a photo shoot in the car while mom was shopping. Zoe took the pics in the car with Lincoln and me. I am having a great week and I hope you are too.


Jeanine and  Joanna 

Grandpa brought his newspaper with him 

Patrick and Lincoln 

Fireworks !!!


Joanna and Jason in the Herbie car 

We all prisoners.....best line in Herbie the love bug 
Lincoln and David 


Some of our  group


 This year since there was no Still Waters camp, our Youth Leaders Will and Renee took us on a camping trip. We went to a camping site called Muddy Run State Park here in PA. We left Friday at noon with some of the youth, the rest came on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. The guys set up the tents while the girls went exploring, we came back to all the tents set up and dinner almost ready. We then had a great dinner and a devotional done by my Uncle Steve on “What Kind of Bird are You”.  We then all played hide in seek with flash lights in the dark till 12. The next morning we had Quiet Time with the Lord and then breakfast, played some volleyball and then some of us went kayaking and the others went boating. Zoë, Rosanne, Joanna and I went boating, I had this great idea that we should row instead of having a motor on the boat. Well let me just say that we all had sore arms the next day. We played more volleyball and soccer and that night Uncle Steve had another great devotional on “Who is Your Consultant”. Sunday morning we listened to the tape “Making the Valley Full of Ditches” played more volleyball and went for a hike. We packed up around noon and got home around 8pm.  I would like to thank our youth leaders Will and Renee for all their hard work and Uncle Steve for the great devotionals he gave. 

Some of the Group 

Grace, Anna, Chantel and Zoe 

Quiet Time 

You Go Joanna!!

Joanna with her sunbonnet

 Are amazing Youth Leaders!!!

Fair Week

The Fair is definitely one of the highlights of the summer.  I enjoy the fair because; we get to show our animals, drink milkshakes, being with family, the farmers night activities and getting to see the many different exhibits. Everyone gets involved and enters things in the Fair. Mom always does great with everything she enters, this year she won first place with her canned beets and third with her bread and butter pickles.
This year Zoë showed two meat goats and one dairy, Lincoln showed one meat goat, and I showed two meat goats. The goat show was Tuesday morning, Zoë showed in light-weight division, in her first class she placed third and her second class she placed second and her dairy goat won Best of Show. Lincoln was in the medium weight division and he placed fourth. For my first goat I was in the medium weight class and I placed third and with my second goat I placed second. In showmanship Zoë placed third in her age group and in showmanship Lincoln placed fourth and I placed third in showmanship.

I have enjoyed my summer a lot this year and I hope you all have too.


A little kid stepped in a bad spot 

Lincolns ugly vegetation 

giving the goat a bath