Hershey Park Happy


Every year my Uncle Steve, Aunt Jennifer and Patrick, take all of the Sanger kids to Hershey Park, except for Nathan and Genia, who unfortunately live too far away in Arizona to come for the day. The day was great, the lines for the rides were not long and we rode every ride that we wanted too. Thank you Uncle Steve, Aunt Jennifer and Patrick for the great time.

Lincoln and David 

Zoe taking a nap

The kissing tower  

 Zoe and me on a little kids ride.

Strawberry Picking

On Friday we went strawberry picking with our good friends Joanna and her mom Jeanine. We picked 38 pounds of strawberries; we then froze  22 bags for smoothies and made 9 containers of strawberry freezer jam. Zoe and Lincoln went to Indiana for a little trip and I stayed home and helped with putting up the strawberries and jam making, I had a lot of fun doing it with mom and hope to do it again soon.  



Aunt Jeanine 


Joanna, Zoe and Lincoln 

Me, Bethany,Joanna, Lincoln and Zoe