Getting meat goats/ Having our nephew for a visit

Every year we buy meat goats for our 4-h projects. Zoe got 2 meat goats she named one Rahab and the other Jael. Lincoln named his Ramses. And my 2 meat goats are named Captain Crunch and the other one Lucky Charms. 




 Captain Crunch
 Lucky Charms

Having are nephew Leland is always fun….You might ask why is it fun?   Well I decided to ask my siblings why? 

Here is what they said:
Zoe said “because he is cute                                                                                                
Lincoln said “because he is a boy”                                                                                                                
Bethany said ‘because he is fun and handsome”

“I like Leland for all those reasons as well but most of all because he is my nephew”.  


Have a amazing week :)


Laurisa Borlovan said...

He is cute and all boy!! I would like Leland too!! Lucky Charms is right off my favorite goat. Haha, love his face. Anyway, you should text me sometime Abby: 1(334) 245-7205. ~ Laurisa

Sanger Family said...

Love the pictures of Leland! He's SO CUTE!! Thumbs up on the post!:)


Joanna said...

I enjoyed all the pics, Abigail! Leland is SOOOOOO Adorable!!!!!!! :)