Getting meat goats/ Having our nephew for a visit

Every year we buy meat goats for our 4-h projects. Zoe got 2 meat goats she named one Rahab and the other Jael. Lincoln named his Ramses. And my 2 meat goats are named Captain Crunch and the other one Lucky Charms. 




 Captain Crunch
 Lucky Charms

Having are nephew Leland is always fun….You might ask why is it fun?   Well I decided to ask my siblings why? 

Here is what they said:
Zoe said “because he is cute                                                                                                
Lincoln said “because he is a boy”                                                                                                                
Bethany said ‘because he is fun and handsome”

“I like Leland for all those reasons as well but most of all because he is my nephew”.  


Have a amazing week :)

Chloe's visit

A few weeks ago we attended a wedding, in western Pennsylvania. The Spryn family are good friends of ours and one of their  daughters (Hannah) was getting married. Our cousin Chloe for AZ was one of the bridesmaids in the wedding and after the wedding Chloe came home with us. We had a great time with her, going to Sight and Sound to see Moses and to Hershey Chocolate World. Hope you come back soon Chloe 

The Spryn Family 



Chloe and Bethany

Zoe and Chloe 

Keepers Cinco De Mayo Banquet


Our annual Keepers Banquet is always done by a different mother in the Keepers club each year. This year Sister Annette was in charge of the banquet, the theme was Mexican. The food was enchiladas, rice ,beans, tacos and corn tortillas chips. Each mother assisted and the girls as well. At this last meeting banquet badges are handed out to each girl for the projects accomplished

place setting


Kaitlyn, Lillia and Anna


Zoe and Joanna

a group pic

 Hoping you all are having a great spring....

Jewelry Making 2

 We had another keepers meeting to finish the jewelry we had started in our last meeting. Putting on the clasps on the necklace string and ribbon was harder than I thought.  It was the last meeting besides our Mexican banquet.