Keeper meetings

   Looking back in my blog posts, I saw that I had not posted about keepers, in a long time. So I will refresh your memory. Keepers is a home school group of that  girls gather and learn many different things. Recently we  learned how to make jewelry by placing metal stamping on different items. We used it on the old forks, wood spoons, dog tags and washers. It was a great meeting, there will be a part 2 coming up.


Planting Seeds

I have again, decided to try and raise my garden plants from seeds

This year I started my seeds at the end of March. I planted hot peppers, big boy tomatoes, cucumbers and zinnia flowers. I am also hoping to plant some herbs and more flowers for Mom. So far the plants are doing great. I hope you all are having a great spring and I for one cannot wait for school to get out. Have a great week.