Great American Outdoor Show

My Uncle Steve gave my Dad, Lincoln and I some tickets to The Great American Outdoor Show. It is the largest show of its kind in America. It is a 9 day event, but we just went for one day. There were so many things to see, every kind of gun you could think of, some of the best looking mounts imaginable,hunting gear, fishing tackle,  and every hunting outfitter from Alaska to Africa. Lincoln brought his bow, because there was 3D bow hunter challenge. He did really well for is age group. I had a great time with the guys, did I mention that I have 2 deer to my credit already.


AZ Trip Part 2

After the ski trip we went home to Tucson with the Uncle Arne and Aunt Rachel. On Monday Enoch and Micah (not a cousin) went javelina (a wild pig in Az) hunting. A boy named Willy decided to go with the boys hunting. Since we (the girls) were at home with nothing to do, we decided to have a little fun with Willy's car. Zoë, Lilliana and I washed the car, then Hadassah, Zoe and Grace went to the store for some decorating supplies for the car. You can tell we might have gotten carried away a little with the decorating, but it was sure fun.

When we planned our trip to Arizona I made sure that I would be there for my 16th  birthday. What a day it was; we had waffles for breakfast, and then we went for a hike in the mtns. On our way to go hiking we decided to stop by and see my cousins  Aunt, Grandpa and Grandma. We then met up with Enoch and Micah with some tenting supplies which they needed. Then Enoch took us for an off roading ride of his Toyota truck. I had the best birthday ever. 

Zoe and I had a great time...

AZ Trip Part 1

On January 16 early in the morning Zoë and I left on a plane for AZ.  We arrived in Tucson and were picked up by our cousin Hadassah. One of the main reasons we went was to go to Harmony in the Desert.   Harmony is a 3 day event, where people from all over the world come to sing. In those few nights at Harmony, we saw many of our friends and family, it was great to meet new people too. We stayed with our Uncle Arne and Aunt Rachel in Tucson, for Harmony. After Harmony we went to our Uncle Russell and Aunt Elisabeth’s home for a few days. Then we packed up our bags and got in the 15 passenger van. And where do you think we went? If you thought skiing, you are right.  We picked up several people on the way to the ski slopes. We went skiing for 2 days, staying at a lodge and leaving in the morning to go skiing (only stopping for lunch) every day. Skiing is one of the best things in the world to do, if you have never gone you really need to go and experience it. My Uncles and Aunts all came skiing with us. I had one of the best times in the world skiing with all my cousins and friends.

Looking from the plane

                                            Harmony in the Desert 


Zoe and Serenity 

Enoch,Serenity and Lilliana 

Uncle Russel and Audrey 

Zachary and Micah 


Juliana and Edith

 Lilliana, Hannah, and Serenity 

Grace, Zoe, Edith ,Juliana and Joanna 

View from the ski  lift 

Micah, Willy, Enoch and Bro Newton 



Zoe, Grace and Juliana




And a group pic

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