Winter for me has always been slow, but this winter has been                                                          going extremely fast. 
             First we decorated for Christmas, which can be a lot of work                                           because we have so many decorations. 

            Then we went Christmas caroling to the older folks in our church,                             with the young people. 

My grandparents arrived the Friday before Christmas from Illinois and Saturday we had the Sanger Christmas dinner(which was about 120 people) but not all of them were there. 

mom and grandma 

Joanna, Zoe and I


Monday I substituted for Grandpa Sanger and did his paper route.


Christmas Eve, Jordan (our cousin) Martha (his wife) and Lydia (their 2 year old), arrived from AZ. We had Christmas at our houseopened the gifts and then had  more friends and family over for Christmas dinner.  

After Christmas wtook our Grandparents and cousins sight-seeing and to Sight and Sound we saw the Miracle Christmas and to Hershey Chocolate World. It was a super fun ...  I had a great a time with my Grandparent's and my Cousin's I hope they come back soon. Hope you all are having a great winter. 
Grandma and Grandpa 

Zoe and I

Bethany and Lidia 

Jordan and Lidia

Christmas Picture


Joanna said...

Nice post Abigail! Enjoyed all the pics! My winter has been flying by as well! :)

Sanger Family said...

Great pictures of the caroling night! I know what you mean about winter flying by so fast!! Can't believe it's already 2014...