This Thanksgiving was different in that we did not have any people over and we did not go to anyones house.
It was just our family and Leland(our nephew). Mom decided to try something different, instead of the traditional Thanksgiving meal, you know Turkey and stuffing. We had seafood!!  Red Lobster biscuits, crab cakes, grilled salmon, coleslaw, wild rice pilaf and steamed shrimp in Old Bay seasoning.  For the finishing touch, dessert was fruit salad, pumpkin pie and chocolate peanut butter pie. Am I making anyone hungry yet?. I was in charge of the games and activities, we played a Thanksgiving alphabet game, poor kitty and drop the handkerchief. I can truly say that, this year I had the best Thanksgiving Day ever. 

                          Red Lobster biscuit

                 grilled salmon

                     steamed shrimp in old bay




Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too.


Lily said...

Sounds wonderful! Tell everyone we send our love.

Joanna said...

Enjoyed the pics! The food looks good especially the shrimp!