Hunting Seasons

 Archery Season finally arrived…..the first day I went hunting with my Dad and Lincoln went with Joe (a brother from our church).

We got up at 5:00am and were in the tree by 5:30. We sat and sat… at 9:00 Lincoln and Joe walk by and we got down out of the tree. Joe said, “Lincoln shot a buck”. After breakfast Joe, Lincoln, Bethany and Dad left to go track the deer. They found the deer after following it for 3 miles,  it was a 7 pointer.  Then two weeks in to the archery season, my Dad went to a place in Franklin county to hunt and at 7:30 a nice big 11 pointer came by his tree and he shot it, and it ran 50 yard and fell over dead. At 10:45 a doe came by and he shot it, that ran 60 yards. He had a great hunt.
This  Monday rifle season opened. Dad and Lincoln went hunting in the morning, but did not see anything, but puished a doe to my Uncle Eddie who got it. Around 1:00ish, Dad and I left to go hunting in the woods. 30min in to the hunt I saw some deer’s tails but figured they had seen us and had left. But then I soon saw that they had circled around us. About an hour later my Uncle Eddie said he was going to walk and try to get some deer pushed our way. That is when I saw the deer, Dad told me to get the gun up and shoot. But I thought that they were too far a way,  but I did  find the deer in the scope and shot….And the deer went down, I was so excited, that I had gotten a doe.
My first kill with a firearm, two years ago I had gotten a doe in the same area with a my crossbow.
The season is not over and I am hoping to get another deer.

Lincoln and Joe 

Lincoln, Bethany and Joe

Dad with his Big 11 pointer
me and my doe

me, Dad and Uncle Eddie 


Joanna said...

Great job Abigail!! That's so awesome! and great job to everyone else! :)

Anna said...

Woo-hoo! Way to go, Abigail ;)

Miss ya, girl:)

Sanger Family said...

Awesome girl!!!!!! You go hunter woman lol