AZ Trip

Right after our bike trip to Washington D.C. My Mom and I left for AZ the very next morning. Mom goes to AZ to help my aunt with her children graduations  and I went to help ( or so my Mom thinks).  We arrived Tuesday and Wednesday Mom got to work while Mom slaved away, Serenity (my amazing cousin)  and I went for a 4 wheeler ride. Tuesday we helped in the kitchen and cleaned up the house, because my Aunt and Uncle, planned to surprise Wesley with a friend. Friday all of the kids left and went sightseeing. Saturday was the big day, we set up lights, tables, cleaned and cooked. The graduation theme was mexican, the menu: rice, beans, green chicken enchiladas, red beef enchiladas and a nacho bar. The food was remarkable. I had a blast!!! 

Devils Bridge 

                                                Serenity and I

The proud Graduate