Zoe Graduated & Biking Trip

I will just say the word...I DESPISE posting, and you ask why?

Well I will give you 3 good reasons- 1. I do not like to write 2. There is too much happening to write it all 3. And it is a lot of work. 

So I am  just going get is over with and post, so here I go….
       Zoë has graduated… Our Aunt Elizabeth and 2 of our cousins Wesley and Serenity, came in from AZ and Zoë’s best friend and her family came in from Wisconsin, as well. We had a great time we played basketball, went to Sight& Sound to see Noah, played and sang songs. All in all we had an awesome time.

       Our family then went on a biking trip. We started in Williamsport, Maryland and rode to Shepherdstown, West Virginia, which was 31 miles the first day. The second day we started in Shepherdstown, West Virginia and rode to Leesburg Virginia 41 miles. The third day starting in Leesburg, Virginia and ending in Washington DC another 41 miles. For a total of 113 miles in three days.  We rode a section of the C&O canal towpath, which runs from Washington D.C. to Cumberland Maryland and then on to Pittsburgh. 

                          Look for the next post in two months...LOL