BYC & Fair Time

Well, I am posting finally!! Knowing where to start is going to be very hard :)

A week after Serenity left we packed up our bags and left to go to Ohio for BYC. The camp was a week long, and almost all my cousins on my mom side were there. We had church two times a day, and played volleyball in the afternoon. It was great time.  
Some of us girls
Lilli & Serenity
Bro Doug


The fair came up next, it started on Saturday. We showed our goats on Thursday at 8:00am. We all did well in the show :) ZoĆ« showed two goats, Lincoln and I only showed one.
 A wonderful second cousin, Joanna came and stayed with us for three days we had a blast. One day we ride our bikes to the fair to work in the fry stand!  The fair is one of the best things about summer.

Zoe and Archer & Paige
Lincoln & Dodge

Abigail & Popeye

Lincoln, Zoe, Joanna & I
Me, Joanna & Zoe
Our 4-h group 
Zoe & Paige
Zoe & Archer 
Abigail & Popeye 



Joanna said...

Nice post Abigail! Thanks for having me over! :)

Grace said...

I love yall's hair! The french braids are such a nice look on both of you, but I don't feel like I can pull them off :D