Part One of Some Busy Week

I KNOW…. I have not posted in 4 weeks, to me that is crazy and to you that must be insane. I will try to start from the beginning, which is going to be very hard. My cousin Serenity from Arizona came to see us and went to Still Waters camp in Indiana with me. She came on Saturday and we left for camp Sunday morning at 9am in a 15 passenger van. We got to Indiana at 7pm and stayed with some friends and headed to camp Monday morning, we had a great time. There is NO way to tell you what an amazing time we had-AWESOME is not an adequate word.SORRY no pictures of SW camp.
Next was Zoë’s 17th birthday, we had some girls over to have a sleep over and go shopping, we had a blast, then Serenity had to leave and that was sad. That very same day some friends came for a wedding of a friend at our church, that was marrying our cousin. The wedding was just lovely!!!!! Then our goats had their baby’s, Lincolns goat (Marsh-mellow) had 2 and Bethany’s goat (Cocoa) had 3 they are all super cute.
Leaving for camp!!!

Outside Olive Garden after Birthday Dinner 



Bethany holding Cody and Chocolate  

Java and Chocolate

The triplets

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Sanger Family said...

Well it's nice to know you're still alive!! Just Kidding! Enjoyed your posting :)

Your Cousin,

Joanna said...

Nice post Abigail! The kids are so cute!!! :)