We left for Payson on Thursday for the rehearsal that night. My mom, Aunt Elizabeth and Sis Tina (my aunt’s friend) did the rehearsal dinner. The food was wonderful; it was lasagna, salad and some amazing bread Serenity had made. Here are some photos of the day…

When you walked in you could take part in a photo booth

Wesley, Serenity, Zoe and I  

My great Parents 

One of the best grand-parents

Clare and Austin 

Playing basketball!!

The next post will be the Big Day!!!!!!!!

Part 1 of a great trip

Where have I been? Well our whole family went to AZ for my cousin Zachary's wedding. We left Wednesday at 6:30pm and got in at 11:00pm AZ time. The next day Serenity, Zoë and I went to perform a community service with their 4-H group. While Mom and Aunt Elizabeth made 32 pies for the wedding. So what did we do there? Well Lincoln and the boys played a lot of air soft, Zoë went to see their goats and milk them every morning with Wesley. Seth and Zoë went on a crazy ride in his awesome FORD truck, Bethany worked on school with Aunt Elizabeth and I tried to stay out of trouble, but one morning Seth and I got into it and I got him pretty good with chocolate gravy.

And that my reader, is just the begining of another AMAZING trip to Arizona

Zoe, Bethany, Lincoln and I at the airport



The great pies

The boys

Wesley and Zoe

Seth and his crazy driving

Betheny working hard

Got you good this time Seth ;)