The Wedding!!!

 I have just come back from one of the most amazing trip of my life; all of the trips I have been on are amazing. One of my cousins has just got married, to a great girl from Michigan. How did the trip go? Well here’s how it went.  We left Thursday at 2:00 pm and got to the motel at midnight, some of my cousins were there. The next morning we went swimming. Then we left to go help get the church decorated. That night was the rehearsal dinner where I got to see all of my cousins. Saturday was the BIG day for Austin (my cousin) and Claire.  Bethany my sister was in the wedding. It was her first time to be in a wedding and she looked so cute. When the wedding was over I had a brand new cousin which was totally awesome. Sunday morning we went to church. For the evening service we went to a young people’s meeting. Then we left on Monday with Seth (my favorite cousin SMILE this is me Seth and I wrote this part). The trip went SO SO fast. And that was end of the trip and we will be leaving in 48 days to go to AZ for another wedding….


Bethany and Jeremiah

Claire and Austin

Zoe and Serenity


Lincoln and Justus

Cutting the cake

A group shot


Sanger Family said...

Looks like you had a great trip!


Serenity said...

It was so fun to be together! :) Miss you already.


Anna said...

Beautiful, beautiful wedding. :)

Looks like you had fun!

Elisabeth said...

It was a great time.

Joanna said...

Glad you had a GREAT trip!!! :)

Alexandra Marie said...

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