OH MY!!!!!

I looked at my blog one day, and I thought OH MY, where did the time go. So much has happened since I last posted. So I guess I should tell you what has happened with me? Well let’s see Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years has past...but that is obvious. So I just will tell you a couple of little things that have occurred. Well, my little sister Bethany has started playing the violin and is doing quite well, when I sit down to play the piano and then Zoe gets on the violin, Bethany will get hers out and start (will try) to play with us. Our nephew (Leland) Martins and Tonya’s little boy came and spent a week with us. It was so different because we are not used to having a baby around, but it was a good experience. On Monday, was my birthday and I turned 15 years old, which is so very hard to believe? It has been very cold here and we have skated once this winter but the woodstove is keeping us warm. Well hope to post again soon