Hunting Season

This past week hunting season started. I have gone two times already this year! I am hoping to get a 7 pointer....Last Monday Papa, Zoe (who can hunt alone) Bethany and I, went hunting.  We got our bows and started to walk up to our tree stand. Zoe went to hers and Papa, Bethany and I went to a double tree stand. I always have a great time in the woods :) 
I think we will be hunting this week also, I hope I  get that 7 pointer……. I will post about him...when I get him!!!!!!  
 Thank you Papa for taking us......

Go Zoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoe and I


Your blogger!!!!


~The Keller Girls~ said...

We hope you get the buck! Looks like y'all had fun! =D
God Bless!
~The Keller Girls~

Zoƫ said...

Well, I already told you what I thought...esp. about that 7 pointer! Haha, mine is going to be a 14 pointer!!!!!! By the way, we need to go out and shoot more often. Get a better aim, you know?

Cute post Sis.

Storyteller said...

lol =D Love the pictures, Abigail!!! I've never done archery before, but it looks like so much fun. :)

Abigail said...

I love hunting with you

Serenity said...

Hope you get your 7 pointer! good luck! Love the pix of you with the glasses on. =)


Storyteller said... :)

Jo said...

This looks so fun!

Kelsie said...

oh how fun! I have never been hunting but I have some friends who go, sounds fun!:)