Hannah Shower

Quite a few couples in our Church have recently been married or engaged. The most recent couple (that was just married) was my second cousin Hannah. She married a guy from AZ, they are a very cute couple! So before we had a wedding, we always have a shower…….My mom (with help) did the shower for Hannah, she did a great job. The food theme was cheese cakes, that were great!!! A Sister in are church is very good with making flower arrangements, all of people helped with bring food, and another Sister did the games. We all had a great time.






Joanna said...

Nice post!
I like your new pics on the top of your blog!! :)

Morgan Nicole Ilg said...

oh how awesome is that...I bet it was so much fun! I love weddings! these pictures were awesome!
oh man, I can't wait til my day comes ;)
have a great day!

*Life on a farm* said...

Those cheescakes were awesome! Ya'll made a great memory for Hannah. She loved it so much! I like your pictures at the top!
The farmer's wife