So I know, I have not posted in such a LONG time. But, I am always so busy and it is summer!
I know that it is not a very good excuse. So where should I start?  I guess at the beginning :) 
Okay  here goes nothing…So as  you all know we have goats!!!! Well, Bethany and Lincoln goats (Cocoa and Marshmellow) had babies they were so cute!  Bethany's goat had her baby’s first. They were a girl and a boy.  Bethany (with mommy's help) named them Onyx and Eloise. Lincoln's goat had her babies a couple weeks later and she had twins too!  They were named Skylark and Carmel.  A few months later we had to sell them. It was sad, but they went to good homes!  




 But wait, don’t go I have a LOT more to tell you about my summer…..


Some time later my mommy called a friend in our church to see if she would like to pick some strawberry's, she said "yes"! So off we went to the strawberry patch. We had a lot of fun with our Cousin Jeanine and cousin  Joanna. We picked 45 pounds, and Cousin Jeanine and cousin Joanna picked 15 pounds. Then we went home and made strawberry jam and put some strawberries in bags to freeze.




In the summer we all have party's right……. So I will tell you about one party we had. David our cousin had just turned 2 years old. So, our Aunt and Uncle had a party for him. They had a plane come drop candy for the kids to pick up. It was a lot of fun to have all the cousins there! 

Zoe, Kaitlyn and  Lillia


The Birthday boy!!!!

Me being stupid (not a surprise)
 I hope you like this post......I have a lot more posts to do!  I'm just trying to figure out what to post first. (haha)  TTYL!!!!