On Saturday we got our meat goats for the fair!!! 
 Zoe got a girl (doeling) and named her: Blossom Joy, Lincoln's is a boy who was named: Jake, and I have a boy (buckling) whom I am calling: Stonewall.
In other news: we have 4 dairy goats and our two older does are going to have their babies sometime next month. We also have 3 cats, 1 dog and 14 chickens.
I love our animals, and I think everyone should have some type of animal :)
Lincoln's goat: Jake
Zoe's goat: Blossom!

My goat: Stonewall

Zoe's dairy goat: Snickerdoodle
Mocah, my goat!

Lincoln's goat: Marshmellow (going to have kids)

Cocoa: Bethany's goat! (going to have kids)

Happy Birthday Bethany

Last Tuesday was Bethany’s Birthday! This week was so busy that we decided to have the party on Sunday. The party theme was horses! We played pin the tail on the donkey and a balloon game that you had to keep the balloons in the air, of course you had marbles in the balloons! So it made the balloons go crazy. The sugar cube relay race was a lot of fun and the big hit was the horse pinata which was filled full of different kinds of candy. Zoe made the cake, which was awesome. We had family and friends over for the Bethany's big day.