Our trip ended at the Wallace’s and the White Mountains. Uncle Russell and Aunt Elisabeth, Zachary, Wesley, Zoe, Serenity and I, all got in the 15 passenger van to go to a ski lodge. We soon picked up some more young people on the way which was awesome. We got to the ski lodge at 9:30pm and got ready for the next day. We got up at 6:00am and had a great breakfast then we all hit the ski slopes we got our skis and had a lesson on how to ski. That evening we went back to the lodge and had dinner and played ping pong. The next day we got packed up and went to the slopes and skied all day. For dinner we went to the New Yorker then got on the road for our trip back to PA.                     
                                           WE HAD AN AMAZING, AWESOME, GREAT TIME.


Uncle Russell and Bethany

Part 2 of our trip to AZ

At the Wallace’s we all got sick before Harmony in the Desert, Zoe and I got well so we went down to Tucson with Zachary and Serenity our cousins. I helped my cousins the Peterson’s at Harmony in the Desert. Harmony in the Desert is a gathering where many singers and music players put on a concert lasting 4 evenings. The week after Harmony we went to the park with a family from Colorado to play volleyball, the next day we went to the park again to play volleyball with another family.

Knapp Family

The Strite Family

Pope Family

Part I of are trip to AZ

   You all are probably wondering what I have been doing since it has been such a long time since I have posted. Well, I was on one of the most awesome trips to Arizona. My mom sisters live in Arizona, so my family and I went to visit them. We first went to see my cousin’s in Tucson AZ, which was where we had Christmas dinner which my talented aunt, cousin’s and grandparents made. Then my cousins from Mayer AZ came down to have a birthday party for Serenity which was a golf party. Then we went to the Wallace’s house. We helped ship books, played air soft, rode 4wheeler and played football and Wallyball. What a great time.

The great Christmas dinner

All Wet

Go Grandma!!!