Life is Great.......

Yes, I am alive... I have not died! Lets bring you up to date shall we?

........So my mom asked one of my talented Aunt's to teach a Keepers class on finger painting. She gave us some tips on finger painting, and then we got to painting. She was a great teacher :)

My Aunt

A lot of girls like music right? YES…. two of my cousins and my elder sister and myself went to a gospel concert.  It was great getting to hear the Tribute Quartet, The Collingsworth and The Hoppers. Talk about a super time.




Kaitlyn, Joanna, Zoe & Me

Them another Aunt give a Keepers class, but this time it was on "iris folding". It was a very fun class! Here is some history on iris folding :
 Iris folding originated in Holland, where early craft persons made their designs using patterned paper cut from the inside of envelopes. Today, crafts use any light weight paper, such as scrapbook paper, origami paper, wrapping paper, the inside of envelopes or pages of magazines. Ribbon is also used. Thanks again for class Aunt Jody.

I love taking pictures...and this time of year is awesome for taking them :) Check my photos out!

So yep, that's whats happening here....

Well, have an amazing Thanksgiving! 

My cousins are coming in for AZ and we are going to have a blast....


Hunting Season

This past week hunting season started. I have gone two times already this year! I am hoping to get a 7 pointer....Last Monday Papa, Zoe (who can hunt alone) Bethany and I, went hunting.  We got our bows and started to walk up to our tree stand. Zoe went to hers and Papa, Bethany and I went to a double tree stand. I always have a great time in the woods :) 
I think we will be hunting this week also, I hope I  get that 7 pointer……. I will post about him...when I get him!!!!!!  
 Thank you Papa for taking us......

Go Zoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoe and I


Your blogger!!!!

Hannah Shower

Quite a few couples in our Church have recently been married or engaged. The most recent couple (that was just married) was my second cousin Hannah. She married a guy from AZ, they are a very cute couple! So before we had a wedding, we always have a shower…….My mom (with help) did the shower for Hannah, she did a great job. The food theme was cheese cakes, that were great!!! A Sister in are church is very good with making flower arrangements, all of people helped with bring food, and another Sister did the games. We all had a great time.





Summer Part 3

    I know I have not posted in a while and I am so sorry!
In this post I am going to try to finish up my summer. (Okay, here goes!) After all the camps we went to, we then had to get all ready for the fair.  Fair is always a lot of fun, because we get to show our goats, work in the kitchen and the drink stand! I love fair!
    On Friday evening we took our goats to the fair and on Saturday the fair started.
On Saturday: Mom, Zoe and I rushed about the house and got all the entries over to the fair building before "close-out time". Then at 2:00 PM we went to the fairgrounds again for the little kids tractor pull.
Then on Sunday (after Church): we headed over to the fairgrounds for the Ham Barbecue.
After we had all finished our food, we went to look at all the different entries and animals!
That night Zoe and I had Joanna (a cousin) over and she stayed for the next two days.
On Monday: Mom, Zoe, Joanna, Lincoln, Bethany and I went to see (cousin) Zachary show his cows! We gave our goats a bath (for the next day)... Then,  Zoe, Joanna, Lincoln, Anna (another cousin) and I worked in the fair eatery. What fun!
Tuesday: was the big day to show our goats. The show started at 8:00 AM!!!  We had to get up early!
 We got in our show clothing and then Mom french braided Zoe's hair and Joanna french braided my hair! We got to the fair and got everything ready for the show ring.  We showed the Market goat’s first! (I was in the first class because my goat did not weight that much) ...There were 49 market goats there this year!
 I got 2 place in my class. Zoe got first in her class and Lincoln got second in his class. Than Zoe and I got showed our dairy goats.  Zoe showed her goat Noodles and I showed my goat Mocha. (I got first in my dairy class)     When all the classes were done we had to get ready for showmanship. It was so exciting!!!!! Lincoln showed Jake his meat goat and got 1st place in his class. Zoe showed her meat goat to and got 4th place in her class.  I got Intermediate Showman Reserve Champion with my dairy goat. Than I was really happy!!!!!!!  Anyways, that was fair!

I will try to post in the coming week.

Thank you for stopping by!!!!!!


Zoe and  Noodles

Abigail and  Mocha

Lincoln and Jake

Summer Part 2

I am posting again!! Less than a week or a month later……… For the last two years Zoe and I have been going to Still Waters Camp in Indiana. It is the best camp in the world to go to, if you want to have a great experience with the Lord. All of us who have gone can say that from our heart’s. And the things at the camp you can do are great too, such as paint ball and go carts, singing around the campfire and alot of other things.  And sorry no pics

Then the day we got home from Still waters, we had to pack up again to go to a camp in Ohio and this time we took the whole family along. Got to camp Sunday morning and we stayed a week at camp, which is great because all are cousins from AZ were there. We all had a great time there and I can say we all got a touch from the Lord. And yes I have a lot of pics.

Bethany,Hope,and Audrey

Justus and Lincoln

Mom,Aunt Rachel and Auntie Liz

Zoe,Hadassah,Lilly,Serenity and Me

Isaac, Lincoln and Daniel

Bethany and Sam


After camp our family and some of our cousins for AZ came home with us. We had a lot of fun with them, some of the things we did with them were going on bike rides, to ice cream shops, Amish cheese shop, setting of fireworks and one of the beat parts was going to Washington DC for the 4th of July. We went to many cool places. See the pics.

Cheese shop

Hadassah and I 

Bike riding!!!!!!
Fouth of july firworks in DC....
A great family !!!!!!!!
On the banks of the Potomac

Grace, Lincoln, Enoch and I

with Abe Lincoln

P.S I have a few more posts to do then I will be caught up.......:)


 So I know, I have not posted in such a LONG time. But, I am always so busy and it is summer!
I know that it is not a very good excuse. So where should I start?  I guess at the beginning :) 
Okay  here goes nothing…So as  you all know we have goats!!!! Well, Bethany and Lincoln goats (Cocoa and Marshmellow) had babies they were so cute!  Bethany's goat had her baby’s first. They were a girl and a boy.  Bethany (with mommy's help) named them Onyx and Eloise. Lincoln's goat had her babies a couple weeks later and she had twins too!  They were named Skylark and Carmel.  A few months later we had to sell them. It was sad, but they went to good homes!  




 But wait, don’t go I have a LOT more to tell you about my summer…..


Some time later my mommy called a friend in our church to see if she would like to pick some strawberry's, she said "yes"! So off we went to the strawberry patch. We had a lot of fun with our Cousin Jeanine and cousin  Joanna. We picked 45 pounds, and Cousin Jeanine and cousin Joanna picked 15 pounds. Then we went home and made strawberry jam and put some strawberries in bags to freeze.




In the summer we all have party's right……. So I will tell you about one party we had. David our cousin had just turned 2 years old. So, our Aunt and Uncle had a party for him. They had a plane come drop candy for the kids to pick up. It was a lot of fun to have all the cousins there! 

Zoe, Kaitlyn and  Lillia


The Birthday boy!!!!

Me being stupid (not a surprise)
 I hope you like this post......I have a lot more posts to do!  I'm just trying to figure out what to post first. (haha)  TTYL!!!!