Hunting Season

Last Saturday our rifle hunting season ended, this hunting season we butchered a total of 8 deer.

Our first deer of the year; Zoe killed with her rifle which was a doe, five of the deer were road kills and the other two deer were from a brother in our church and another brother gave us a deer. Zoe uses a rifle, my Dad uses a rifle and bow and I shoot cross-bow.

It was a lot of fun hunting, even if I did not get a deer,  I got to see 2 deer while in the  woods, but could not get a shot at them. If you have never gone hunting you should try, it is a lot of fun.

Uncle Eddie named our butcher shop J & R, BLAZE-for our speed at butchering deer
J&R-Jon & Rebekah
E-Uncle Eddie

Here are some pictures of us butchering some of the deer this year.

Zoe's  Deer

Zoe and I helping

Me going hunting


~Grace said...

Awesome Abigail!! Love that last pic of you!!(:

~Grace said...

btw, I love the pics at the side of your blog too!! So cute! (:

Serenity said...

You look cute! :) Love your expression when your butchering the elk. :)

Anonymous said...

I have only gone turkey hunting once (but we didn't get anything *sniff sniff* But maybe I will be able to go again sometime. I kinda want to go duck hunting with Daddy and Josie (Josie is our black lab and my favorite dog =)

Fire By Night said...
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