3 Weeks of fun and excitment

On September the third, my cousin Serenity came from AZ to see us!  
On Labor Day Serenity’s older brother Seth came from Ohio and surprised us. Seth stayed for 4 wet and rainy days and then went on his way to New York for some fishing.
 On September the tenth, we left to IL , to see our Grandparents on my Mom’s side of the family.  Some of the things we did with Serenity were; tie-dying, fishing, playing board and card games.   We also played; basketball, jumping rope, and hopscotch, just to name a few!
We rode our bikes all around Galesburg, and we saw some history…like where President Lincoln had a debate, where Billy Sunday preached and the Church where Helen Keller gave a speech. Oh, and we cannot forget Carl Sandburg birth place!
 We had a great time with Serenity here!    I hope she enjoyed it as much as I did.

Lincoln ,Seth and Bethany
Grandpa and Grandma

Just a little PRAYER and THE Unexpected guest came…

On Friday my family and I left to go on a trip to Quebec, Canada. While we were in Canada a hurricane (Irene) came through PA… three large trees came down.

The first one almost hit the house it just missed our front porch, and the other tree almost hit the goat fence! The third one was right next to the play-house, it just fell away from the side of the play house.

We always pray before we go on a trip, “to keep the house and animal’s safe, that the Lord would put his guarding angles around our house and protect it”. On Saturday night around 12??A.M. the electric went out.

(There are some angles that come in human form). So, Uncle Eddie started the generator… Grandpa emptied the refrigerator and side freezer. The electric was off till Wednesday afternoon (a couple hours after we arrived home).

Last night we cut up some of the tree in the front yard and tonight we will finished up the rest.

The Lord sure is good to us, so glad he kept everything thing safe….!