Dandelion Coffee

Today I made some dandelion coffee.....
Dandelions are high in vitamins A and C and in calcium.

I got some dandelions .
Then I cut off the root, cleaned it and cut it in the middle~

Then I cut it into tiny pieces.
I put it in the oven for an hour and a half. Then I let them cool in the oven.
After they were cooled I cut them into smaller pieces, now I have my substitute coffee!!!!

Want a drink?


Joanna said...

♥I LOVE your blog background Abigail!♥ That is interesting that dandelions are high in vitamins A and C!

*Life on a farm* said...

Got any cream to go with that coffee? Very interesting post....you can eat the flowers and leaves too I think. If dandelions are so good then why do people try to spray them out of their yards?
Good job!
The farmer's wife

Anna said...

Now that's pretty cool, Abigail! I should try that this summer. :)

(Can't hardly wait to see you at camp!)

Elisabeth said...

But Abigail, did it taste good?

I saw a blog post the other day about a lady who made dadelion jelly. It looked like a lot of work collecting all the dandelions needed but I think it's really fun when you are able to use things in your own backyard.

~Grace said...

That is neat Abigail! Never knew I could just eat all the dandelions out of my backyard! haha