On Thursday we went to Sis Kim’s house to learn how to quill. It was very fun with all the girls to learn such a cute way to decorate cards. We did some thank you cards, summer cards and Valentine’s Day cards. I liked learning the art of quilling; you can use it on jewelry and on furniture. Below is my Papas version of real history behind quilling.

Quilling was started by the monks in the 19th century as a way to get rid of their paper scraps. They got the idea from rolling up their scrolls every day and saw how they rolled up tight. They rolled the paper scraps very tight and it worked well for the monks until one day they could not find a fellow monk and he was rolled up in a scroll…His name was Bill and always had a quill behind his ear and when they unrolled him the quill was part of his ear and so from then on he was known as Bill the Quill. And anytime they rolled their scrolls they would yell Quilling so no one would get rolled up in a scroll. …….

Papa Version