A Tribute to A Good Friend

This past week my goat Midnight got a cough. On Monday she started not wanting to eat, so my Papa started giving her medicine.

We thought she was going to be ok, but Tuesday night she started going downhill. So Papa gave her another shot, then he called the animal Doctor and set up an appointment. We were going to take her to the Doctor at 7:00. At 6:45 we went up to the barn and she was dead.

She was a friendly, curious and energetic goat. She loved to run so we would take her to the Falmouth goat races. One year they took a picture of Midnight and I, for the front of their magazine. She was a great goat and a good friend. I will miss her a lot.

Thank you, Midnight for giving us some 3 ½ years of wonderful memories.

Good Bye,



Zoe said...

Sorry about the loss of your friend Abigail...

Good Bye Midnight~

Kara said...

Sorry about your loss, Abigail.

~Grace said...

Awww! So sorry! Hope your feeling okay.

*Life on a farm* said...

Sorry Abigail! Glad you had some great memories and pictures to keep!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...


I'm so sorry about Midnight. I know you were a good goat herdsman (not sure what exactly they're called) and gave her lots of attention and care.

I look forward to hearing about the kid you get from Cocoa.

Love, Aunt Elisabee

Joanna said...

Sorry to hear about Midnight, Abigail. I'm sure that you loved her and will see her again someday!!