Last night it started to snow. We received about 1” of snow! Snow is amazing to me, each snowflake is so different.
My favorite season usally changes with the season. But winter would be one of the seasons I like the best.  Because in winter everything is white, and winter seems to last the longest.
Hurray for snow!  Snow Flake
 Almost all our animals love the snow. But I think that our cats and the chickens could live without any snow at all.
Have FUN in the snow everyone!!!!!

A Tribute to A Good Friend

This past week my goat Midnight got a cough. On Monday she started not wanting to eat, so my Papa started giving her medicine.

We thought she was going to be ok, but Tuesday night she started going downhill. So Papa gave her another shot, then he called the animal Doctor and set up an appointment. We were going to take her to the Doctor at 7:00. At 6:45 we went up to the barn and she was dead.

She was a friendly, curious and energetic goat. She loved to run so we would take her to the Falmouth goat races. One year they took a picture of Midnight and I, for the front of their magazine. She was a great goat and a good friend. I will miss her a lot.

Thank you, Midnight for giving us some 3 ½ years of wonderful memories.

Good Bye,



On Saturday we went to my Grandpa and Grandma Sanger's house for a New Year's day party. We started off the evening with a meal of five different kinds of soup and salad with different kinds of cheese and crackers. Then Grandpa read from the Bible, and then the part all of us kids really enjoy opening the Christmas presents.
 This year one of the themes was hats for all the girl's. On Sunday we went to church and my cousin Kaitlyn wore her hat and so did Zoe and I.