Around 5:45 I went into the woods with my favorite Papa. My siblings were at music group.
It was my second time going into the woods for hunting :)
At 6:05 my Papa had just gotten off the phone with Grandparents S. (they said they would pray for me that I would get an deer)...
Five min after he hanged up, I heard a deer in the trees to my left. It got between two trees in front of me, and then looked at us. It was a doe! At 6:10 I shot a deer with my cross-bow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She fell right down.
Papa had to take care of it from there, I was to busy trying to calm my heart! lol..
We brought it down and gutted it up on the trail by our barn.
I am still in total shock!!!!
She weighed about 100 pounds :)

Here are some pix of my and my "dear":

I-my doe-Bethany

 Yours VERY Excited,